Fantastic results! I first started of with quite bad back and neck pain. I have followed all of Dr Ibrahim’s instructions which had made my lifestyle much easier. The sessions have made a big impact to my health. I’m happy to say I am fit and healthy ☺️👌🏼

Faiza 2255

Cannot recommend any higher. I have had many years of terrible back pain and was referred through work after a crippling episode. With all of the advice and treatment over a number of weeks I am now better than I ever was before. Now have pain free sleep and day to day life and all due to being treated by someone who knows what they are talking about!

Mike Cane

I can be a bit of a nervous person as I suffer with anxiety. But Ibrahim Ali welcomed and settled me down and I was able to relax while he worked through the issues to relieve the pain. Ibrahim Ali genuinely cares for his patients and their recovery and I’m super grateful.

Kathryn Hodson
After first session no more pain and have full use of my neck and shoulders. Very simple and easy exercises which after just 1 week made such a difference! Can’t recommend enough. 5 ⭐️ service
Damian Nolan

Was referred via my health care plan and I’m so pleased I was! – swift diagnosis of the muscle/posture issues that were causing my back/shoulder pain, we worked out an exercise/stretching plan and never looked back – excellent, and so friendly too

Ian Hawkins

I was referred to Ibrahim after months of ankle pain which had prevented me from running any more than a couple of miles. The exercises and rehab advice I received were spot on and I’ve been able to increase my running distances significantly. I particularly liked the instruction videos that came with the exercises, as it’s easy to forget technique once you walk out of the consulting room. Thank you!

Karen Teago

After first session no more pain and have full use of my neck and shoulders. Very simple and easy exercises which after just 1 week made such a difference! Can’t recommend enough. 5 ⭐️ service

Damian Nolan

After months of discomfort in recovery from a broken femur and fractured pelvic bone, my rehabilitation lead me to Ibrahim’s door. Through twelve sessions of once weekly visits, I am now stronger, fitter and emotionally positive about the future.

With a light hearted and friendly demeanour, Ibrahim the physiotherapist will encourage and guide you to being on top of your game in no time. But it comes with a catch – you must believe you can achieve recovery yourself. You must put in your “homework” and practice the exercises in your days between visits, as no one can do it for you. Therefore, it becomes a joint effort in a journey of recovery. Anything that is difficult to achieve is more worthwhile.

Trust in this guy, and believe in yourself. It worked for me. Thank you Ibrahim, and get those certificates and qualifications hung on the wall!


An excellent service fixed not only the problem that I booked my appointment for but also helped me with several issues that had been effecting me for a number of years, I would highly recommend!

Chris Lowe

I feel like a new woman. The customer service was outstanding, had the patience and encouraged me to reach my goals.
Informed and explained every single procedure to me

Thank you so much

Sandra Nyankumah

Unfortunately I was involved in a car accident back in May whereby a 3rd party vehicle drove straight into the back of my vehicle, causing me to have severe pains to my neck and lower back.

I explained the situation to my physiotherapist and he was extremely understanding and demonstrated to me a few things and top tips that i can do at no cost, at home, in order to get rid of and heal the pain.

I am currently attending a number of sessions in order to get my body back in normal working order however it is a working progress.

Before I attended I did not know what to expect, however he fully understands, he listens to what you have to say and is very patient. He knows exactly how to work the joints and muscles and how to tackle the aches and pains.

I highly recommend this practice as he is very professional and most importantly you will for sure feel much better instantly!

Another good factor is we all have busy lives including myself…. this practice sends you confirmation and reminder alerts leading up to your appointment, which is very good as it’s very easy to forget after a busy day what time your appointment is.
I am starting to feel much better and I have been off of the gym for a few months. Finally i can start to join back to the gym without the worry of feeling the needles and pinches i was feeling when lifting the weights. Very good service overall!

Tyrone Saxton

Excellent, friendly service! Ibrahim listened carefully to my issues and provided
me with pain relieving treatment. He took time to help me understand the nature of my pain and injury and patiently answered all my questions! He helped me to better understand the root of my pain so that I could work to help myself. The exercises he provided for me have helped my body to become stronger and after 3 weeks I had my first pain free day! Appointments were available at flexible timings to suit me. I would highly recommend it!

H. West

Received treatment here after RTC. The treatment was fantastic. I was listened to and each part of the treatment was explained.
I was so impressed that my wife went to get treatment for a condition she had suffered from for years. A couple of treatments and she was fighting fit.
I highly recommend it.

A. Buckley

I was lucky enough to get referred via my partner’s work healthcare plan. I was having shoulder pains due to bad posture and I wanted to get into better habits for better wellbeing. Success 😊. After my six sessions I feel taller, straighter, have no pain and a regime of exercises I can do to ensure I stay this way. I was very happy with my treatment. The approach my physio took was firm but fair and I was quickly able to notice improvements in my posture – even friends noticed! Thank you

Lizzie Morgan

After picking up a calf injury through running, I had three months of painful and intensive treatment sessions with another physio. These initially reduced my symptoms, but not completely, and I quickly got worse as soon as I started running again.

After transferring to Ibrahim, he listened very well to the treatment I’d had, and rather than giving me unnecessary extra sessions, he instead gave me simple exercises to perform to manage strengthening my legs and gave me a program to quickly return to running. Within a fortnight I was back to being able to run 5k with minimal discomfort, and after a month I was pain-free and was discharged.

The thing which struck me about his approach was that he was keen to get me to manage my return to fitness myself, rather than be dependent on needless physio work – it is an important skill to know when not to perform treatment needlessly.

I’d happily recommend his approach to others – he was very knowledgeable, easy to deal with, and the evening appointments meant I was able to fit the sessions into my week without taking time off work.

Ed Jakeman

I am Dr Sadek, GP at the Mounts Medical Centre, had neck pain with pins and needles radiating to my right arm. This obviously had affected my work and sleep. Pain had also affected the muscles between shoulder blades. I saw Dr Ibrahim- Physiotherapist-, who treated upper back muscles with ultrasound, applied traction and utilised special movements to my neck. I had 3 sessions with him leading to a remarkable improvement and recovery of both pain and neck movements. He also instructed me with special neck exercises that I can perform every time I have pain or restricted neck movements due to my work constraints. I recommend him without reservation. Thank you Dr Ibrahim

S. Sadek

I have had a great experience with Northampton Physiotherapy. It’s the first time someone in Physiotherapy has actually been able to help .The first time in 17 years that my headaches and back pain has gone.

Nicola Robinson

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