Unfortunately I was involved in a car accident back in May whereby a 3rd party vehicle drove straight into the back of my vehicle, causing me to have severe pains to my neck and lower back.

I explained the situation to my physiotherapist and he was extremely understanding and demonstrated to me a few things and top tips that i can do at no cost, at home, in order to get rid of and heal the pain.

I am currently attending a number of sessions in order to get my body back in normal working order however it is a working progress.

Before I attended I did not know what to expect, however he fully understands, he listens to what you have to say and is very patient. He knows exactly how to work the joints and muscles and how to tackle the aches and pains.

I highly recommend this practice as he is very professional and most importantly you will for sure feel much better instantly!

Another good factor is we all have busy lives including myself…. this practice sends you confirmation and reminder alerts leading up to your appointment, which is very good as it’s very easy to forget after a busy day what time your appointment is.
I am starting to feel much better and I have been off of the gym for a few months. Finally i can start to join back to the gym without the worry of feeling the needles and pinches i was feeling when lifting the weights. Very good service overall!