After picking up a calf injury through running, I had three months of painful and intensive treatment sessions with another physio. These initially reduced my symptoms, but not completely, and I quickly got worse as soon as I started running again.

After transferring to Ibrahim, he listened very well to the treatment I’d had, and rather than giving me unnecessary extra sessions, he instead gave me simple exercises to perform to manage strengthening my legs and gave me a program to quickly return to running. Within a fortnight I was back to being able to run 5k with minimal discomfort, and after a month I was pain-free and was discharged.

The thing which struck me about his approach was that he was keen to get me to manage my return to fitness myself, rather than be dependent on needless physio work – it is an important skill to know when not to perform treatment needlessly.

I’d happily recommend his approach to others – he was very knowledgeable, easy to deal with, and the evening appointments meant I was able to fit the sessions into my week without taking time off work.